Open for business!

Aside from the logo, the Talk Wordy to Me redesign is complete. I’ve added a page with information about my editing services and another with links to fiction I have written (not much at the moment but that will change!).

I built the blog in my first WordPress self-install (it used to be hosted on with the Genesis Framework from Studiopress along with their Wintersong theme. Thanks to Lilith Saintcrow for pointing me their way! I’m hosting with DreamHost, which has been really great. They’ve already answered and fixed several problems for me, usually within an hour, and twice late on a Sunday night. If you are looking for a new host and sign up with them, tell them [email protected] sent you. Thanks to Adam P. Knave for recommending them to me.

Thanks also to Andrea Phillips and Karina Cooper, who both offered me a lot of advice while I was fiddling with this. They both pointed me at Squarespace, which ended not offering what I needed but also is a pretty nice platform. And thanks to everyone else who offered advice or encouragement as I’ve agonized over this for the past few months.

Under renovation

The site’s been a bit of a wreck visually lately. I’ve been working on a redesign. Hope to have the mess cleaned up soon!

Another batch of succulents

I liked my first Booker’s bourbon box cacti planter (see previous post) so much that I made a second one, this time with even more succulents!

DSCF7093DSCF7099 DSCF7100 DSCF7098 DSCF7096 DSCF7094

Lauren’s bourbon balls recipe

GUYS GUYS GUYS. The Kentucky Derby is on Saturday! This combines the two things I learned to love in Kentucky: horse racing and bourbon. Lauren always makes bourbon balls for our party. What are bourbon balls? They are basically bourbon frosting dipped in chocolate. I KNOW, RIGHT? The best part is, the bourbon doesn’t cook off that much, so you eat a few of these puppies and your are BUZZED.

YES YES. I will shut up and give you Lauren’s recipe. Because I LOVE YOU ALL.

Lauren’s Bourbon Balls

(Makes 2 dozen or so, depending on how big you make them)

1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/4 cup bourbon (We usually use Maker’s Mark)
1lb confectioners sugar
1/2 cup softened butter
1tsp vanilla extract
1 12oz bag of chocolate chips (I always get a bigger bag just in case)

The morning that I am going to make them- I combine the pecans and the bourbon and let them sit for a few hours til I’m ready to start.

Combine the confectioners sugar, butter, and vanilla extract in a bowl. (It’s really just a matter of smushing the butter up and getting it covered; I found it takes longer than you think.)

Then add the bourbon-soaked pecans and mix well

Take the sugar mixture and form it into balls (whatever size you like) and put them on a tray, then put them in a the freezer for about 2 hours (till they are hard)

Then heat the chocolate chips (use a double boiler if you have one, otherwise use really low heat  (as the chocolate STARTS to heat you might want to toss a cup of milk in the microwave for 30 seconds and occasionally add this to the heating chocolate otherwise the chocolate might start to burn instead of melt, but do NOT use cold milk.)

Once the chocolate is liquified, dip the frozen sugar pieces into it and pull them out with a fork, place them on a tray to dry and VOILA!  BOURBON BALLS.

En Garde!


En garde, mademoiselle kitty! (Yes that is a pica pole)


You cannot escape me, you villain!


I accept your surrender. Now, where is the kibble?

On turning 30, and chasing dreams

So I turned 30 today. I feel like I have mostly figured out being an adult, or as my mom put it on Twitter, “30 is when I stopped worrying what other people thought of me — very liberating.”

I also feel really good about what I am doing with my life. I’m married to my best friend. I have a little house, and two cats. A good job, despite the cloud that has been hovering over newspapers for many years now. And of course, I have Fireside, which I hope I will never stop grinning about. I’ve tried a lot of side projects in fits and starts, like writing, and some of them I hope I get back to, but Fireisde is the first one I’ve stuck to. It’s hard work, but it makes me so happy.

A friend of mine who is in his 30s referred to himself on Twitter as a “failed” writer and blogger. I hate seeing stuff like that, and I told him:

1. You’re not a failed anything till you’re dead. 2. Not even then. Homework: “Eulogy” by Frank Turner.

I pointed him to the song “Eulogy” (which I can’t find a legit version of online but go Spotify it or whatever) because it says that as long as you spend your life chasing those dreams, you have done well:

I may not be the perfect kind of person,
I may not do what mum and dad dreamed,
but on the day I die, I’ll say at least I fucking tried.
That’s the only eulogy I need,
thats the only eulogy I need.

We have our whole lives to chase our dreams. Don’t let yours slip away.

I bet every journalist 30 or younger who reads this blog post spends the whole time nodding their heads

I don’t think the Internet killed newspapers. Newspapers killed newspapers.  People like to say that print media didn’t adapt to online demand, but that’s only part of it. The corporate folks who manage newspapers tried to comply with the whims of a thankless audience with a microscopic attention span. And newspaper staffers tried to comply with the demands of a thankless establishment that often didn’t even read their work. Everyone lost.

– Allyson Bird “Why I left news”