Monday Quiz Challenge

I found an etymology quiz based mostly on Greek and Roman mythology. I scored a 8 out of 15. Not my best work. Take it and let us know how you did in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Monday Quiz Challenge

  1. SBP0123 says:

    I also got 8 of 15. Guess I’m not as “wordy” as I thought!

  2. I hate to say this, but I got 13–and the two wrong answers were blind guesses. Guess that makes me a true work geek.

  3. Brian White says:

    Hey, good work. And I’m glad to see another word-nerd blog out there

  4. Nathan says:

    10 of 15 for me.

  5. 9 out of 15. Ouch. My high school Latin teacher would disapprove. Great quiz, though!

  6. Sean W. says:

    I got 10/15… mostly b/c I’m really big on Greek mythology as opposed to etymology, and if I didn’t know the answer for the true and false question, I guessed false, assuming that most of those would be trick questions.

  7. Claire says:

    12 out of 15, with one “duh!” wrong answer. Simple Latin studies and Greek history were most helpful. A fun quiz!

  8. Lauren says:

    11 out of 15. That’s my love of Greek and Roman mythology talking.

  9. Clare Bohn says:

    I got 13 out of 15. Like Sean, I have read a lot of mythology, and am also an etymology geek.

  10. Faldone says:

    While ‘sine cere’ may well be a mark of approval meaning ‘without wax’ it is not the origin of the word ‘sincere’. That is the Latin word ‘sincerus’, which, in origin, means ‘of one growth’.

  11. Faldone says:

    By the way, one bogus out of fifteen is pretty good for FunTrivia. You quiz for the 13th has two bogus out of ten.

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