The fool doth think he is wise

There’s a cool story on the front page of today’s Washington Post about a guy who showed up at the Folger Shakespeare Library in D.C. with a copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio that was stolen from an English university 10 years ago. He asked the library to authenticate it. As the Post writers put it:

The Folger’s sleuthing determined that the old book was genuine all right — and as hot as a pawned diamond tiara.

Love that turn of phrase. It’s a cool story about an odd mystery that the police are just now starting to sort out. The cops have arrested someone …

The (suspect) lives in a modest brick two-bedroom house in a working-class neighborhood of Washington, England — the ancestral town of George Washington‘s family, about a 15-minute drive from the university where the folio was stolen.

According to police, there was a silver Ferrari in his driveway and Armani suits in the closets. The man lived there with his mother, who is in her 80s. The home was crammed with antique books.

… but won’t say if it’s the same guy who showed up at the library.